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If you're reading this then you're interested in learning more about our course.

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The cost is $50.00. This includes shipping, handling, and everything else.

Our online payments are handled by PayPal (PayPal accounts, credit cards, debit 
cards, eChecks). The Student's Name and Birth Date must be entered in the Memo area.

must be entered in the Memo area.

Completion Certificates will only be issued in this name and with this birth date!     

 Checks and money orders can be mailed to us at: D.E.P. Academy, 1150 Coddingtown Center, Suite 6, Santa Rosa, CA  95401.

There is a $15.00 fee for duplicate Completion Certificates.

If you haven't completed the course within 90 days your file becomes inactive. You'll have to e-mail us to reactivate your account. There is no charge for reactivation.

The D.E.P. Academy Is A Division Of John's Driving School.

There are no refunds.