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The Process For Teenagers To Get A
             Drivers License

1. Complete Driver Education

2. Enroll in Driver Training

3. Be 15 1/2

4. Go to DMV, pass 
the written test, get 
your learner's permit.

5. Once you have your learner's permit, 
you must complete one Driver Training 
lesson to activate your permit. You can 
then practice with your parents.

6. You may get your license when you turn 
16 if you have had your permit for 6 
months, completed Driver Training, driven 
50 hours with your parents, and passed a 
driving test at DMV.


At the D.E.P. Academy our goal is to provide an
fun, and interactive driver education program. We don't shy 
away from the horrors that driving errors, and fate, can cause.

We are DMV licensed driving school owners, operators,
and instructors. When you e-mail us a question there is a 
licensed driving instructor replying, not a receptionist.

 We're the best because this is what we do, not our 
internet venture of the moment. Thanks for visiting
and we hope you enjoy our course.







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