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D.E.P. Academy Chapter 7 Test. Seven correct answers is passing and should be submitted. Please include your name and birth date when submitting results. If your computer won't submit the results, please print the completed test and mail it to us. Good Luck!
1. When should you not take your legal right-of-way?

When other drivers want to drive faster.
When it helps prevent accidents.
Never, it confuses other drivers.

2. DMV recommends signaling for at least ________ seconds before changing lanes on a freeway?


3. To make a right turn, start in the right hand lane and end your turn in:

The left lane.
The lane closest to the curb.
Any lane that's available.

4. When you're driving on a two-way street and you want to turn left at the corner, you should yield to .....

Vehicles stopped at a red light.
Any vehicle coming towards you.
Pedestrians on the sidewalk waiting for the "WALK" signal.

5. Who has the right-of-way at an intersection with no crosswalks?

A car, but it should slow down.
The pedestrian, but only if the green "WALK" sign is lit.

6. This sign means what?

No left turns on the red light.
No right turns on the red light.
No turns of any kind on the red light.

7. Which of these is NOT a safe driving practice.

Keeping your low beam lights on during bad weather.
Staring at the road just ahead of your vehicle.
Maintaining a three second following distance.

8. When you back up, where should you look?

Over your left shoulder, out the side window.
In your rearview and side mirrors.
Over your right shoulder and out the rear window.

9. The driver ahead of you stops at a crosswalk. What should you do?

Drive to the right edge of the road and stop.
Change lanes, look carefully, and pass them.
Stop, then proceed when safe.

10. You may legally drive in any carpool lane if:

All the other lanes have heavy traffic.
You are carrying the minimum number of persons shown on the carpool lane sign.
You ane in the lane between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm.