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D.E.P. Academy Chapter 5 Test. Seven correct answers is passing and should be submitted. Please include your name and birth date when submitting results. If your computer won't submit the results, please print the completed test and mail it to us. Good Luck!
1. You sold your car. You must notify _______ Within 5 days.

Your insurance company.
Your bank or credit union.

2. The three tests you must pass to get your drivers license are ........

Vision, hearing, and written.
Written, vision, and driving.
Written, driving, and reflexes.

3. Teenagers must have their learners permit for _______ months.


4. It is illegal for a person under 21 years of age to drive with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) that is _________ or higher.


5. During the first 6 months after you are licensed, you may .........

Not have any passengers.
Not transport your friends who are under 20 unless your parents are in the car.
Have a party in your car.

6. A person between the ages of 16 and 18 may have their driving privilege ___________ for one year if convicted as a habitual truant.


7. During the driving test, who is allowed in the car?

You, the DMV examiner, and one of your parents.
You, the DMV examiner, and your driving instructor.
You and the DMV examiner.

8. If you fail the drive test 3 times what happens?

You must retake driver training.
You just keep taking it until you pass.
Your permit is no longer valid and you have to begin the application process again.

9. If you have a conditional drivers license there are ,,,,,

Age limits imposed on your drivers license.
Special areas where you may drive.
Special restrictions you must follow while driving

10. If you get pulled over you must show the peace officer .....

What's in your wallet or purse.
Your driver's license and vehicle registration.
What's in the trunk of your car.