Table Of Contents / Chapter 4 Text

D.E.P. Academy Chapter 4 Test. Seven correct answers is passing and should be submitted. Please include your name and birth date when submitting results. If your computer won't submit the results, please print the completed test and mail it to us.  Good Luck!
1. Blocking an intersection is not permitted ........

Unless traffic is really heavy.
Under any circumstances.
Unless cross traffic can get around you.

2. What does this sign mean?

Bull fighting zone ahead.
Stop and proceed when it is safe.
Flagger ahead. Be prepared to slow or stop.

3. You may not cross a double yellow line to ........

Enter a driveway.
Pass other vehicles.
Make a left turn.

4. A yellow curb means what?

Parking for busses only.
Parking for loading and unloading passengers and freight only.
Limited time parking for taxis and busses only.

5. This sign means what?

Side road ahead. Watch for cross traffic.
Cars entering your roadway have their own lane.
Another lane is merging with yours.

6. When a traffic signal light is not working you should .....

Slow down and stop if you think you should.
Stop if other vehicles are at the intersection.
Stop, then proceed when it is safe.

7. This sign means?

U-Turn area ahead.
No U-turns.
No left turn.

8. You should automatically stop if you see any of the following:

Solid red lights, flashing red lights, or blacked-out traffic lights.
Flashing red lights, red arrows, or solid yellow lights.
Solid red lights, flashing yellow lights, or stop signs.

9. When traffic is heavy and you must cross railroad tracks before reaching an intersection, you should .........

Wait at the crossing gates until your path to the intersection is clear.
Make sure you can completely cross the tracks before proceeding.
Just go. It's o.k. to stop on the tracks if no train is coming.

10. Flashing red lights on a stopped school bus mean stop .......

As long as the red lights are flashing.
If children are crossing the street
If the bus is on the same side of the road as you.